WWD2013 is 
Waterless CarWash Day
and let's save trillions gallons of water together
and save lives with Waterless CarShine

Two video essays
on water crisis

click me!
Global Water Crisis

GWSS.org encourages world wide participation and
GWSS shares with them 'how to' with
iSaveWater System.

"The poor and needy seek water, but there is none..."
Not alone but Together we can help!

(GWSS=Global Water Shortage Solution for
WFM = Water Food Mission)


Without Water, you can wash cars, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats & planes...

Organizing the 2013 World Water Day and
save trillions gallons of water world wide together!
Global Water Shortage Solution. org has a simple solution!


 1% of global fresh water we have is keep shrinking because of men made
, global population explosion and our waste of fresh water.
We lose over 4,500 children  die every day in developing countries. 
Can we do something about it to stop this human tragedy?  It is
 not  possible to do it alone, but together it is possible.

21st century technology allows 'Waterless CarWash" without
a drop of water.  There were 750 million automobiles on Planet Earth
in 2010. The expert says that we use 100 - 140 gallons of water when
we wash our cars.  If every car owners use waterless car wash
(and it also WAXes at the same time in one application). How much
water can we save for humanity with this simple action alone?
Check http://GWSS.org (Global Water Shortage Solution)

We can save trillions gallons of water and we may be able to save
these innocent children by simply switching to waterless car wash.
It is so simple yet it is so hard to  switch but our 'switch' will save
 water for humanity and save innocent lives!!!.

"The poor and needy seek water, but there is none..."  Is. 41:17
"Give a Cup of Cold Water..." Matt 10:42

Not alone but Together we can help!

Here is an organization GWSS supports in this endeavor.
GWSS.org  (Global Water Shortage Solution) supports the humanitarian work
of CharityWater.org (CW) for digging wells for people in developing countries.

Stories of digging wells for Clean Water by CW are listed below. 
Click the country of your choice below  and learn more about them.
Ethiopia India,  RwandaHonduras,
Kenya,  BangladashUganda

We recommend to support CW works.  If you wish, you can Donate,
not through GWSS but directly to CW by
Clicking Here.

GWSS is a self-supporting organization and we try to raise
our own mission funds with the system we created for others.
We do not solicit donation from public rather we’d like to see
public  use FW1 or other waterless products and experience it how
 easy it is to wash and wax their vehicles (cars, SUVs, RVs, Motorcycles
 and  planes, etc) without a drop of water to conserve ever shrinking
fresh water, and help us continue our mission until we will be able to pass
them out a free of charge

The main ingredient of WWD2013 is 21st century waterless car wax, such as FW1
manufactured by RGS Labs International is a super cleaning wax or SmartOne by Smartwax.
Both are Waterless Car Wax that will clean cars, SUVs, RVs, Boats, motorcycles,,,even planes
to a show room shine cars.  We will fondly call it "MoonShine" = "Waterless CarShine." 

How to MoonShine:

Click 4 images below and learn how to clean and wax with FW1/Fastwax by RGS Labs,
Waterless CarWash product,
or similar product like SmartONE by Smartwax is a key
WWD 2013 to be successful while saving water and may save innocent lives.
According to UN, we lose over 4,000 innocent children die everyday because no water.

Click all 4 videos below and
learn about FW1 & SmartONE
for FW1 Video & Learn how to 'icarwax' =
'wash and wax' without a drop of water

Part - I:  Save Water Mission

'Waterless' CarWash


UN designated WWD is March 22 every year but it does not have to be
on that day, we can have it during the year as our individual situation permits
The important thing is we do something meaningful to celebrate the day.

Our system, isavewater system, is good for raising funds; generate
personal income; good for raising church mission; raising funds for
school activities...even municipal government to boost their budgets
by using the system.  Any healthy person can Spray, Wipe and Buff
with microfiber cloth.  This also will build muscle powers as they
MoonShine.  You can collect donation or charge $20, $30 or $40
depending on the size of customers vehicles. One can of FW1
will "MoonShine" average of 4 average cars.

GWSS.org calls on all organizations and all nations...more
meaningful and practical way to celebrate World Water Day,
by conducting actually saving water
using 'waterless' CarWash,
by washing their own cars or neighbors' cars and raise
funds for next WWD (see Part-II), without a drop of water.

* G or GWSS Squad intends to give a 'waterless' CarWash
at the customers' home...more details below.

G-Squad-US & KR**, & other countries where
 'waterless' FW1 is already available to wash their cars
 without a drop of water, go ahead & save water on

this World Water Day in your own time!

**G-Squad-USA, G-Squad-KR = Korea, etc

Organizing the 2013 World Water Day and
save trillion gallons of water world wide together!
Global Water Shortage Solution. org has a simple solution!

GWSS.org is organizing a world wide Waterless CarWash Day
to mark the 2013 World Water Day starts saving fresh water globally
with 'waterless' CarWash and its concept
. Interested organizations or nations
can contact GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution) and find out
how to
go about it at isavewater7@gmail.com for details.

And create a Waterless CarShine jobs for your people.  You do not need
capital funds, you need people power, muscle powers, in this sagging
global economy, visit MADBiz.us, Part-II on this site for 'how.'

We are losing 4,500 children a day, a child in every 15 seconds
because of unclean water and diseases borne by this unclean water in
developing countries.  GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution) has a
solution we would like to share and create new jobs for people.

There are 750,000,000 vehicles around the world (2010) 
What if every car owner wash their cars with Waterless product,
Changing from using fresh water to a 'Waterless' CarWash without
water, to save fresh water for humanity, for our children and
grand children? A global water crisis is already here with us.

When a global auto owners simply change 'waterless' product we may save
1,170,000,000,000* gallons of fresh water. This is only from the saving
from auto wash alone, but there are other items require water to clean such as
SUVs, Trucks, RVs, Boats, Planes, Motorcycles, etc when all of these items
use waterless products the water saving is astronomical...
We may be able to
reverse our water crisis with our small sacrifice and save 4,500 children
that die every day because of not enough fresh water or unclean water
borne diseases. Learn more about it at http://GWSS.org

 A simple idea, a simple commitment but an astronomical
This is a reachable goal for World Water Day,
Let us plan for a successful World Water Day
for 2013 and to save real fresh water
for humanity and to celebrate
the World Water Day

Join us, GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution)
to save water using
Waterless Carwash for WWD 2013
while raising needed funds!

We welcome everyone who can do 3 things;
spray, wipe and buff and you will have
a show room shine cars and we may save

gallons of fresh water a day together.
What happens when we do it once a week or...?
This projection is based on 2010 statistic of 750 million cars
in the world. Only for cars and others are not included

CarWash became simple
no mess, no hassle!

21st century technology made this possible, a product
like FW1, super cleaning wax, to wash and wax cars
at the same time
, without a drop of water!

> A can of FW1 wash/waxes 4 times average cars <

Every time we wash with a waterless CarWash globally
we expect to
save a trillion and trillions gallons of water!
And when we repeat ourselves we may save 4,500 children
who die every day because of shortage of clean water.

Can you imagine how much fresh water we would save for humanity
 when we start using
Waterless CarWash for our vehicles? We may even
save 4,500 children that die daily because of shortage of clean water.
 A small gift but will give life to those children that die daily at present!

GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution).org presents G-Squad
or GWSS Squad, to help citizens of global communities.
A free* car wash in their homes, if qualified!

*Limited to small cars and one car per house:
will 'wash and wax' your car free with 'Waterless' FW1!

It may take decades but our mission is to introduce
to every country on the globe because it is life and death issue,
simply without water we, animals and plants all die!
We have to conserve water for everyone!

Such as, G-Squad-KR, G-Squad-UK, G-Squad-AU, etc
is a service to the communities and will make this issue alive!
Any country needs FW1 to participate for this historical
'waterless' CarWash event on 2013 World Water Day,
without water, contact at isavewater7@gmail.com
We shall share with you 'how.'

More Information about G-Squad follows below.

The Planet Earth is surrounded by water but only 1% of water is drinkable
(2% is ice and 97% of ocean is salt water) and precious drinking water sustains
 human lives, animals and even our plants to grow, are shrinking because of
man made pollution, population explosion and because of our waste. 

 We use water as if 100% of ocean is filled with drinkable and fresh water
in developed countries, but what is available to all human population,
(6 or 7 billion people) all animal kingdom and all plants are only 1%.

The Global Water Shortage is in crisis. 
4,500 children in developing countries are dying every day

because clean and drinkable water are not available to them
and because of unclean water borne diseases.

At GWSS we found a solution, a very simple solution, change our habit of fresh water
CarWash to 'Waterless' CarWash, such as FW1, to 'wash & wax' at the same time
in one action without a drop of water will save billion, billions and
trillion gallons of fresh water and save lives.

Our small sacrifice would give a gift of life to all of us
even 4,500 children that die every day!


A simple idea but a giant result!

It is desirable for USA or any governments
to create jobs and
save water globally
by using 'waterless' CarWash
and protect environment
and create jobs and,
feed people
All in One!

Any country or Gov. Entities interested in
participating WWD 2013 and actually saving
water by using Waterless CarWash
system, that will
save water and feed the poor, we will work with you. 
Write to us at
isavewater7@gmail.com and
Designate email subject as "WWD2013."

For instance, US government can raise and create jobs
for citizens and become a trailblazer for the world;
with this simple isavewater formula ...US can
create 1.23 to 2.46 million jobs, see below
there are 247 million cars in US***:

...even 10* figure incomes..." in a simple math: there are 247 million vehicles in US (2007)***(http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_cars_are_currently_in_the_US ) they perform icw (clean and wax) over 247 million vehicles once a year it raises $6.175 billion... Will create 1.23 million brand new jobs*... Write for details at isavewater7@gmail.com or use Contact Form and write "Gov. Entity" in 'subject' box at http://GWSS.org (or write, Official stationary preferred).
Copyrighted 7-step by step proposal for 'how to raise" billions for one State is available with
isavewater system.

Additional and helpful info below:

Innovative ideas one can use (with a permission)

Start with GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution)
and check other images also for more info below. These sites are interlinked.

Click any of images below, find a link and learn how you can raise funds
for different organizations and wash/wax your vehicles
without a drop of water
with FW1 and save water


= 2 x Abbreviated GWSS in English (R) and in Korean (L)

The system is ready for you to use & more tools be added.
We have created tools for you to save water, raise funds, making a living
and save lives of 4,500 children a day in developing countries too.
It is our simple solution for global sufferings of water and food
while we are able to save water & put bread on the table.

Are you unemployed now? Go here here is a solution!
When you create a job for yourself it can be 'multiplied' for you
but when you work for someone else your income will not change much
because it depends on your boss. A repeatable 'All in One' isavewater System
can make a 5 , 6 figure incomes!  You can create $20 - $50 an hour job!


Why G-Squad-US?
lobal water shortage is real &
to raise public consciousness


GWSS believes that this change of "wasting" to "saving" water CarWash alone
will save a  billion and billions gallons of fresh water and we may save the lives of
4,500 children that die every day.  We want to inform public about this fact and asking
citizens of the world to help our causes. We have to help each other.

GWSS came to a conclusion that one way to resolve Global Water Crisis is to go to car
owner's house and clean their cars for them with 'Waterless" product known
as FW1 that will 'clean & also wax' automatically without a drop of water.
GWSS proactively initiate their participation!

G-Squad or GWSS (Global Water Shortage Solution) Squad
is volunteering our service to save water and the lives of children,
with a reasonable fee after the first 'waterless' free CarWash
(& wax) to perpetuate our mission, if qualified.  
in the areas where there is no G-Squads,
we will show you how, write to us.

We want to revolutionize the way we wash our cars, SUVs, RVs, and Motorcycles...
that will save a billion people on the Planet Earth.  This precious 1% of global water
is drinkable for humans, animals and plants and it is shrinking because of
human made pollution, and population explosion and our waste
of fresh water...and global water shortage is real.

We see that there is one simple way to reverse the trend that is to use 'waterless'
CarWash to wash our cars without fresh water; but changing human behavior
also is not simple and easy.

So GWSS is introducing a public service that G-Squad or GWSS Squad that will
visit the citizens' homes by their invitations to wash and wax (icarwax) their cars for them
with 'waterless' product like FW1 with a reasonable fee, which will give the same
or better service to a  show room shine cars while saving water
and will save the lives of a billion people around the world
after initial free* 'waterless' CarWash is offered!

G-Squad is another way to serve people to meet our goal of changing a habit of
using water-wasting-car-wash to waterless-water-saving-car-'wash & wax.'

The mission of G-Squad is to promote domestic and international services
until every car owner change from water-wasting-car-wash
to water-saving-car-wash with waterless products
that may save 4,500 lives a day!

World Water Piechart


What is 'Waterless' CarWash?

No More Messy Car Wash any more; without
water hoses or buckets;
without a drop of water
 we can wash & wax (icarwax)
 our cars in one application,
   to a show room shine car and added bonus
is we save water and save children!

We believe that everyone can use
'waterless' FW1 when wash cars.
  It is a revolutionary way to
save water, save lives, and
a few bucks for 'wash & wax'
since a can be used 4 times,
to a show room shine car,
is a bargain!


CarWash is no brainer, 
with 21st century product like
waterless FW1, it became as simple
as 1, 2, 3;
Spray, Wipe and Buff and
get a showroom shine car and
automatic wax to boot,
without a drop of water!

Also we can create brand new green jobs
for ourselves, especially those who like outdoor works
and keep in shape,
for every organization that
need funds for their causes and you can
hire more as your company grows,
it offers an endless opportunity!

Click video and see how FW1 works!


(All you need for 'Waterless' CarWash are 2 micro
fiber towels, your muscle power and FW1
That's all you need to make a 5 or 6 figure incomes
while you are saving water and save lives!
We will show you how


If you are interested in getting FW1
for the World Water Day
or any day,

click the globe below:

Thank you.


Part - II: Feed Poor Mission

Part-II deals with business aspects of GWSS.
The same system will create green jobs
to put bread on the table.

A solution for  Food shortage!

GWSS offers both Water and Food solutions!

GWSS offers two solutions in one:
Waterless CarWash is for a water shortage and

MADBizUS, for food solution, CarShine biz will
 bring food on the table (or raise funds)

Introducing a MADBizUS = 'Waterless' CarWash!
MADBizUS deals with food aspects of our program.

'MAD' stands for Mobile Auto Detailing biz.
It is a mobile CarShine biz, without using water.
It is waterless CarShine biz.  We don't need a building
or water pressure machine. Now you can take your biz to
customer's home and icarwax (wash and wax) for them
Join 'the 21st century venture wagon' before everyone,
before everyone gets on board! 

We are looking for world wide  G-Squads or
distributors of the key product to succeed WWD 2013. 
Any one interested, write to isavewater7@gmail.com

Any healthy person can start a biz with $50 or less and
 make an hourly rate of $20-50,* we help you build financial
independence, while saving water & environment!

GWSS is created to help public awareness of global water shortage
and its solution using practical & innovative ways to achieve its mission.

There were "ShoeShine boys" right after Korean conflicts to survive,
but look at Korea today, from ShoeShine to HyunDai and Samsung... Autos were
always symbol of wealth and convenience.  21st century needs "CarShine boys and girls"
to survive in this sagging global economy and conserve water for all of us to survive
and save environment before too late.)

GWSS wants to help with our copyrighted system:
1) individual builds financial independence with a green MAD job
2) Schools, charitable organizations and churches... raise funds
3) Gov. Entities raise revenues 4) Existing businesses boost
their income with our incentive programs, such as hotels,
restaurants and garages use 'Waterless CAR WASH to boost
 their revenue at the same time save water globally (all
of above has global implications,
5)  Supplying developing countries' water digging and
water purifying machines to get fresh water,
6) Developing countries can use our system for their own survival
creating  green jobs for themselves and feed their families
7) more innovative ideas will be added.
More info visit http://GWSS.org


Why MADBizUS or 'waterless' CarWash Now,
because it is urgent?

Because of unclean water and water born diseases, we already lose 4,500
children every day in developing countries.  It is not their problem but it is
 our  problem.  We have to help them. The Planet Earth is surrounded by water
but only 1% is  drinkable water for us, animals and plants. The drinkable water
 is shrinking because of our pollution, population explosion and our waste
when there is a good alternative.
We have to start saving life giving water
 to  stay alive.  We have to do  this for our children
and for our grand children...

World Water Piechart

If we do not pay attention now, we may be like these fishes in a fish bowl;
we live in a 'fishbowl' called a Planet Earth, that has only 1% life giving water!
Click here
and see their destiny!

What else can
MADBizUS do for you
You can create green jobs for yourselves and foods on the table,
 while saving life giving water!  If you have a mba or managerial skills, build
a MADBizUS 'Empire.'  A tool is here for you. You are on the ground floor!
Schools are looking for funds, churches looking for mission funds, charitable
organizations are looking for funds... you can be their distributors of waterless product,
help their car wash easier
without a drop of water, and help them raise funds & assist them. 
It is a simple but it will change human destiny. It is 21st century way because our old way kills
children because we have wasted enough fresh water which is essence of human lives and animals
 and plants.  Something we over look are the population explosion also. We have to be one in  saving
fresh  water to save human lives on Plant Earth, animals and plants  (
only 1% of all the water we see
 in the ocean is fresh  and drinkable).  When there is no more fresh water it is the end of our existence.
We human have 70% of water in us.
 If you are unemployed here is an opportunity for you.
Start fresh and be your own boss. Own a MADBizUS and become independent dealer
and save water, save live and making a comfortable living!.

  With this simple act alone US Government can create 1.23 million jobs ($14.50 an hour) or 2.46 million
brand new green jobs  ($7.25 an hour) while saving a billion and billion gallons of fresh water
Goto "Gov. Entities" in "Clients" page-4  at http://GWSS.org

Car Wash became as simple as 1, 2, 3
with 21st century product, like
No mess, no hassle, simply
Spray, Wipe and Buff and get
a showroom shine car and
automatic wax to boot,
all in 30 minutes,
less than $3*
per a car,
for both

(All you need for MADBizUS or 'Waterless' CarWash
are 2 micro fiber towels, your muscle power and FW1
or similar products. 
That's all you need to make a 5 or 6
figure incomes while you are saving water and save lives!)


a miracle formula,
Click image & learn multiple usage of

You can 'wash and wax' luxury cars too
without a drop of water
  (Click 'esc' to return)

                                                                         What does FW1 do?

FW1 (Fastwax) facts:

  • Clean and wax in one – no need to go over the car twice to get the same effect, it is safe to use including expensive or luxury cars
  • 4 to 5 wash & polish applications out of every can – making the cost of each wash & polish around $3.00* for a show room shine car...
  • One product does all surfaces – glass, panels  & alloy wheels
  • Great anti – fog, which is perfect for the winter months
  • No water required – water restrictions are no longer an issue in maintaining your vehicle    
  • Wax lasts up to 3 weeks – any dirt on the vehicle within the first three weeks of iCARWAXing the vehicle can be simply wiped away with a microfibre cloth
  • Many other uses - it can be used on any non-porous surface such as chrome, glass, mirrors, fibreglass, aluminium, gel coat finishes,
    stainless steel, plastic, tiles and more.

     FW1 Fastwax Waterless Formulation has a unique combination of
     Lubricants and Carnauba wax
which combine to lift the dirt and grime
     away from paint, chrome, plastic, glass and the rims on your vehicle and
     leaves a professional show car finish. For a professional show car finish
     for your cars, use what racing professionals have used for years; FW1
     Waterless Formulation.

FW1 Fastwax contains NO Silicones, Teflon's, or CFC's which are
     harmful to the earth and its environment. FW1, Fastwax is also clear
     coat and gel coat (boats) safe.

     You can achieve FAST, clean results in a few simple steps in about
     30 minutes. All you need to do is to spray on, wipe in and buff (shine
     off), it’s that easy! 
Clean and Wax, all in less than $3.00** average car. 

   Only 1% of global water is fresh and drinkable water and in Africa and other
     developing countries fresh water is scares and we lose 4,500 children a day and lose
a child in every 15 seconds because a shortage of clean water.  It is our human tragedy
because we can turn it around by using 21st century product like ‘
Waterless FW1,
"without using a drop of water."


1. FW1 is convenient and save money,
with a can of FW1 you will icarwax up to 4 cars,
change from water-wasting-car wash to waterless,
water-saving-car wash and automatic car wax to boot,
2. You can raise funds for charitable organizations, like
schools, churches, symphony orchestras... even Federal,
state or municipal government, etc., see example below,
3. Will be able to make money for your family, create your own job
and becoming financially independent, (check multiple images below),
4. If you have been using water to clean your cars, it is time to change
our habit and use waterless product like FW1 for humanity...
This simple act will change the world for a better place,

5. Will save billion gallons of fresh water when we start using
waterless 21st century products like FW1 and save environment,
6. Will save lives: we lose about 4,500 children a day because
of unclean water in developing countries globally, and give lives,
7. Can create independent green jobs & become own boss...you are
on the ground floor...don't lose an opportunity and make 5
or 6 figure incomes, if you have a desire to succeed...
8. Here is a tool for success for you and
many more applications will follow.
All you need to do is to spray on, wipe in and buff (shine
     off), it’s that easy!  Both wash and wax costs less than $3.00* average car. 

     It is a bargain and help humanity and save water for next generation!

You can order a single, 3 cans** or a case of FW1
by clicking the globe below:

Thank you.

*  *  *  *  *

Are you unemployed now? Go here here is a solution!
When you create a job for yourself it can be 'multiplied' for you
but when you work for someone else your income will not change much
because it depends on your boss. A repeatable 'All in One' isavewater System
can make a 5 , 6 figure incomes!

Related Sites:

   for more information,
  visit sites below

http://isavewater.info/gwss.htm (abbreviated gwss)
http://isavewater.info/madbizus.html (Gov. Entities)
http://icarwax.net/restaurants.htm (restaurants)
http://GWSS.org (Water Shortage Solution)

http://slf.icarwax.net (FFLF)

You can order a single, 3 cans** or a case of FW1
by clicking the globe below:

Thank you.


* * * * * * *

----- Addendum -----

 on Water Scarcity

Water Planet, click here
 Water is oil of tomorrow,"click here
Water Wars, click here
Water War - Part-1, click here
Water War- Part-II,click here
Unicef World Water Day, click here
World Water Day 2010,click here

a flyer available
a multipurpose flyer is available
for a store promo on counters or
for a posting on wall, for asking.

Contact us at isavewater7@gmail.com

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P G Moon
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 About me   
Welcome to my Web/Blog site!
If you want to know more about me, click here
Our mission is to inform global water shortage and introduce
a simple 'All in One' iSaveWater System to save water and environment
while creating jobs and raise funds for worthy causes and programs
for human kind and revert human tragedy before it is too late.

A lesson from a fish bowl, Click here


    Copyright Notice:

This is Part-II (GWSS.org) of "How to raise funds with a simple activity"
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corporations intend to use our system, they have to purchase similar
waterless products

 (aerosol, foam or liquid) through FFLF or GWSS or any other related sites
and distribution system.  Appreciate your cooperation.

Contact Us at isavewater7@gmail.com

*It may vary depending on the sizes of the cars...and assumption
is you charge or collect a donation of $20 per car for
'clean and wax' to a show room shine car...
**It may also vary depending on the sizes of the cars...
The number may change as you visit the site.

No More Messy Car Wash any more, without a drop of water
you can wash/wax (icarwax)
at the same time
as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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